Cookie Baker & Decorator

Debora Bilbao

I have always being passionate and sensitive to all details and artistic effects that surround us. When I discovered that I could express my art through the cookies I was really excited to see how people will react when they finally taste and see something that I, literally, spent hours creating. 

So, I decided to use the cookies as a way to help people create memorable moments. I understand that, when our customers order 'My Cool Cookies', they are motivated with a sense of gratefulness and/or love to someone(s) and want to express those feelings through our cookies. Those are exactly the same feelings I try to transfer when baking and customizing their cookies.  :) 

Why did I decided to Bake Cookies?

We came this world to be happy. I love what I do and it is extremely satisfactory to make other people happy by sharing my cookies. 


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